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SP200 Maintenance Free Underwater Light Cartridge®
  • Cartridge replaceable underwater using Aqua Phaross GENUINE underwater mateable connection system with gold plated contacts
  • Luminaire cartridge held in position within Niché/ Bezel by a single self locating tamper proof screw
  • Twin 12V 50W Axial Halogen Lamps & customised optical system provide outstanding levels of focused underwater illumination
  • Technical Data: Colour Temp- 3000K, 1200lm, 4000hr Manufacturers rated life, Rendering Index- 1A
  • Bright Anodised Aluminium Reflector with lamps held in their optimum position for use with Impact resistant optical grade polycarbonate lens with Fresnel Prisms
  • Luminaire manufactured in Scotland (United Kingdom) in accordance with BS EN 60598-1 : 1993 Part 1 & BS EN60598-2-18 : 1994 (Luminaires for swimming pools & similar applications)
  • Replacement Cartridges: Purchase new SP200 Cartridge from Aqua Pharos (part no: API/SP200-1)
  • These units must be operated at a maximum 12V
  • Isolate power to the luminaire.
  • Remove the retaining screw and carefully withdraw the luminaire from the niche/ bezel.
  • Separate the two sections of the underwater mateable connector by pulling gently on the female cable and the light cartridge.
  • Remove used cartridge from swimming pool & replace with a new cartridge.
  • Reconnect the female power cable to the light fitting, ensuring the connectors are fully home.
  • Position the light cartridge in the bezel/ niche ensuring the power cable is not trapped between the niche and luminaire.
  • Insert the self-locating retaining screw and tighten until the luminaire sits snugly against the bezel.
  • Lights must not be switched on until fully submerged.
  • Failed Cartridge can now be discarded or returned to Aqua Pharos for recycling.
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